The Department of Energy and Technology of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) concentrates on the contribution of agriculture to a sustainable society. The Division of Logistics and Transport has been conducting research in agricultural and food chain logistics for the last decades targeting to coordination of goods flows to, within and from the agricultural sector, and food chain as a whole in close cooperation with the private and public sector, and significant experience and knowledge has been achieved in this area. The Division has experience in both on national and international management logistics chains. Research tools based on operations research, model development and simulation, chain management, logistics and communication technologies and tools (such as smart system for biomass logistics, food distribution and animal transport and welfare, where logistics tools like GIS and GPS have been utilized in the research. The Department of Energy and Technology has also a viable research group with ca 20 researchers and PhD students working with LCA of Agri­food systems and has many years of experience from using and developing LCA methodology. The Division works with value and supply chain management, and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) to optimize logistics performances and estimate environmental impact of agricultural produce. The Division works with common software that is available for this field (e.g. SimaPro) to enable reliable investigations and for database develoment.