The objective of this WP is to prototype the SO concept on heat pump drying at TRL 6 in close cooperation with the supply industry for driers and heat pumps so as to maximise energy efficiency and simultaneously increase the product quality, to validate the concept and proof of concept/system verification.

The objective will be reached in four steps:

1. Design of the heat pump dryer (HPD): The system design and concept will be verified by a simulation tool for dynamic modelling. The HP will be designed in detail with respect to heat transfer, pressure loss and flow requirements.

2. Building of prototype and approval tests. 

3. Development and implementation of control strategies to provide comparison between the conventional and energy efficient heat pump dryer. 

4. Drying tests on climate neutral organic dried products to demonstrate the potential of climate neutral drying.

Workpackage leader: 

WP2 Deliverables

Title Lead participant Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Deliverable PDF
Report on design requirements and key performance indicators for heat pump drier SINTEF Report RE 6 D2.1