The objective of the WP is the application of value added natural additives/colourants developed by WP3 as functional/nutritional ingredients and/or natural colourants for a) selected organic dried food stuffs and b) development of innovative organic foods.

The main two targets are:

1. Test for the developed of value-added natural additives and colourants as nutritional/functional ingredients and/or colourants to improve both sensorial quality and nutritional value of organic dried apple, carrot and red meat. 

2. Development of innovative organic foods

  • (1) Benchmarking of innovative organic products
  • (2) Formulation of innovative organic products
Workpackage leader: 

WP4 Deliverables

Title Lead participant Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Deliverable PDF
Report on the development of selected enriched organic dried products UNITUS Report RE 27 D4.1