Objective of this WP is evaluate and assess the quality and sensory parameters of dried products from WPs 1-2 and products developed in WPs 3-4, to (1) assess the benefits of the smart process control in comparison to classical approaches and (2) assess the benefits of the developed additives and colourants on shelf-life, nutritional and nutraceutical performance as well as consumer evaluation and trained panel evaluation of the products. Results from the assessment will be fed back to improve process settings and control in WPs 1-4.

The four targets of this WP are:

1. Quality assessment of products of the smart processing of WPs 1-2 and products developed in WPs 3-4.

2. Sensory assessment to evaluate products from WPs 1-4 and to compare the results to results of the quality assessment, consumer involvement.

3. Shelf life testing of new ingredients and products developed in WP 3 and 4 and feed back to the WPs for further development of the substances

4. Data information fusion from chemical, physical and sensory testing will be fused with the non-invasively measurable information gained from RGB, HSI and thermal imaging, feed back into the development in WP 1 and 2.

Workpackage leader: 

WP5 Deliverables

Title Lead participant Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Deliverable PDF
Report on quality analyses of products UASVM Report RE 18/26/33 D5.1