Objective of this WP is to co-design all elements of the project with the relevant stakeholders; students involved in the scientific work and events/exchanges. Dissemination includes general dissemination materials, scientific, technical, professional (conferences, papers, etc.).

The six main targets are:

1. Stakeholder Engagement (processors, associations, policy makers). The supporting material for the CoP will be co-developed with the stakeholders to ensure the utilisation on the side of processors.

2. Student involvement of all levels from the partners` universities. Students will have the opportunity to improve their scientific skills and professional competences on processing and innovation of organic produce. For national and international students exchanges between the partner universities and internships (e.g. Innotech, LfL Bayern and RepublicaBio) EU funded programmes (i.e. Erasmus+) will be taken into account. 

3. Articles and publications: A series of stakeholder and scientific articles and publications will be written and spread via http://orgprints.org/view/projects/SusOrgPlus.html

4. Dissemination events: Project activities and results will be disseminated at events like conferences, workshops, fairs, symposia, etc. in form of promotion material and/or oral presentations and/or poster presentations.

5. Virtual dissemination tools and social media: website, project pages on social and networking platforms for professionals and scientists https://www.researchgate.net/project/SusOrgPlus

6. Training activities: The project aims to improve the competences and skills of the practitioners in the production of organic foods through (a) seminars/workshops for farmers and processors (b) onsite training course for the end users in each participating country for the stakeholders (farmers and organic processors); Demonstration of the HP drier (with WP2).

Workpackage leader: 

WP7 Deliverables

Title Lead participant Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Deliverable PDF
Dissemination database with a stakeholder list, relevant dissemination events and activities UNITE Database RE 4/36 D7.1