The objective of this WP is to assess and evaluate the actions taken in previous WPs, using the approaches of integrated value chain management, LCA, LCCA in terms of resource efficiency, through minimizing losses in the primary production and processing, and increase of energy efficiency when using heat pumps.

The four targets are:

1. Integrated value chain managemen: Results from value adding activities will be synthesized and presented as a useful value chain management tool to demonstrate how each stage (raw material production, processing, transporting etc.) performs well in terms of product losses, environmental impact, cost implication, organic and sustainable food production principles.

2. Life cycle assessment (LCA): Life cycle inventory data will be generated and impact assessment for each chosen product and food additives/colourants is conducted.

3. Life cycle cost analysis (LCCA): The cost implications of different value adding activities using LCCA approach will be used to assess the cost implications of improved drying processes and processing into additives/colourants. The work helps to identify the economic hotspot stages along the value chain.

4. Database development

Workpackage leader: 

WP6 Deliverables

Title Lead participant Type Dissemination Level Delivery month Deliverable PDF
Synthesized report on integrated value chain management SLU Report PU 36 D6.1