The objective of this WP is to develop innovative dried products made of extracts of plant/vegetable juices and fruit pulps by the use of drying and encapsulation techniques. These innovative ingredients will be then used as natural additives and ingredients to enhance stability of processed products and as natural colouring and flavouring agents (WP4). Dried products obtained in WP1 activities will be also processed into powders. 

The two main targets are:

1. Extraction and encapsulation of organic raw materials:

  • (1) Selection of natural products for production of extracts/colourants
  • (2) Optimized extraction from raw materials and stabilisation
  • (3) Innovative concentration, drying and encapsulation processes

2. Optimized processing of powders from organic fruits and vegetables including products of WP 1 & 2 where possible.

Workpackage leader: